"Over the past couple of years, I've had the distinct privilege to have Nanette as a trusted part of my team. Although, she's basically done 'contract' work for me, Nanette takes building my business very seriously. It's her utmost desire to position her clients in the best possible light and to get things done, not only well, but on time. She wears many hats and I don't ever see any fall (business owner, business proponent, creative director, and even project manager). Nanette is always looking for ways to better serve and better position her clients whether that be through content marketing, professional writing, or championing their services."
When I met Nanette I was stuck! I was trying to write my first book, even hired a writing coach, and simply could not get my message to come together on paper. As a verbal processor, I needed someone who could take the words I had in my brain and not only put them on paper but also organize them in a way that made sense for my book's objective. Nanette did that! She was great at keeping up with me, guiding me if I lost my train of thought and helped keep me on task during our sessions together. It is because of her that my book is something I can be proud of! I highly recommend her!
"Working with Nanette has been seamless. She’s not the first writer I hired. It’s refreshing to be able to simply send her a few links for newsletter story ideas and have her do the research, craft the copy and deliver clean content that’s ready to publish. She’s even provided unexpected value-added with longer stories that can be linked from the newsletter to blog posts. Her affordable monthly retainer, ability to work independently, attention to detail and writing skills make it easy to delegate this task to her. It frees me up to spend more time attending to client needs without worrying about the work being done on time and to my standards. Now, I’m able to send out a newsletter every month and am already seeing the difference it’s making in the number of hours I’m billing."
PLLC, General Counsel Outsourcing
"I have worked with Nanette on a variety of projects throughout the years. She was always professional and conscientious of her work, all the way through to the finished product. Whenever I worked with Nanette on a project, it was always seamless. She did her research: she always knew what she was writing about or editing BEFORE the work was due. Her follow-up during and after the project spoke of her meticulous work and the great care she put into everything she worked on. I highly recommend Nanette Levin!”
“Nanette is creative, relatable, attentive, caring. Her gift for wordsmithing and visualization contribute to her talent for creating marketing campaigns that bring results. As an entrepreneur with several successful businesses, I’ve seen Nanette work on behalf of start-up and established entrepreneurs with the same passion and dedication she puts into her own enterprises. Nanette is candid, observant, resourceful, and passionate about her work and her customers. I recommend her with high regard and appreciation.”
“Nanette Levin is a motivated individual and has displayed excellent organizational skills. She has demonstrated on numerous occasions the ability to organize and move projects forward in a positive and productive way even in the face of adversity. Nanette is a woman of her word and with her skills in team building and communications, any project assigned to her is completed expeditiously and on target. Nanette Levin would be an excellent choice for all your business needs.”
Sharp Electric
“Nanette is a strategic thinker and creative problem-solver with extensive experience in marketing and PR. She has strong project management capability as well as excellent written and oral communication skills. She is timely and reliable, budget-conscious and flexible, and is fun to work with!”
Consultant and freelance writer
“Nanette Levin was of great help to the Susan B. Anthony House when it was transitioning to professional management in the early 1990’s. She worked very well with various volunteer committees to plan events and promote a new vision and image. Nanette creatively worked within the confines of our tight budget and challenging circumstances — always with a smile and can-do attitude. Whether it was developing a media plan, strategizing on branding, planning a special event, or helping to develop a commemorative coin, Nanette dug right in and engaged the team to do the same. I recommend Nanette’s professional approach, eye to detail, creative problem solving, and media know-how. If she says she will deliver, consider it done.”
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