Introductory Packages

On-call editing

Do you think you could improve your retention and sales with better written communications? Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of professional eyes reviewing your work before you send it out? Now there’s someone you can turn to for affordable, professional help.

Forward your emails, letters, brochures, website pages, media communications, social media posts or other brief written material for a proof read and recommended copy changes to make your message more compelling. Edits are usually performed in 24 hours or less. This offer is intended for light editing. If you need more extensive developmental editing or copywriting support, schedule a free 30-minute chat and we’ll explore customized solutions and pricing.

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Marketing recommendations & strategies report

Are you floundering trying to figure out where to get the biggest bang for your buck? Spending promotional money without a plan in place can cost you a lot more than it should. It makes sense to get some seasoned, professional help to determine what might work best for your business.

This includes a one-hour meeting to discuss your ideal prospects, business goals and sales objectives. We’ll do some brainstorming together during this session to help pinpoint the best customized solutions for you. Then the real work begins. You’ll get a unique Recommendations & Strategies Report that contains:

  • A current situation & future goals overview identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Strategies on how to best reach your aims 
  • Cost-effective promotional ideas to implement for your particular business objectives
  • Recommended resource links if applicable
  • And, when appropriate, estimated costs for work you’d rather outsource than do yourself

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Media story pitch support

Are you yearning for that 15 minutes of fame? There are standard and expected ways to approach reporters, editors and producers. I’ll help you flesh out a story idea likely to be picked up.

This package includes creating the copy for a media release, consulting on how to curate a current list of ideal media contacts for your particular story, and mentoring you for follow up with the media. 

Get your 15 minutes of fame 

Newsletter creation

Have you considered creating a newsletter for your clients and prospects? This can be a great way to stay top-of-mind with customers while also building trust, respect, and credibility.

Done right, you can also introduce readers to products or services you offer they may not have known about. There’s an art to creating an effective newsletter.

We’ll brainstorm together a strategy for your best content approach. Then I’ll write the copy for your first piece and provide guidance on how to do this yourself in the future. Or, I can do copywriting for all future issues. If you need help with design, I can refer you to possible providers.

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