Column & article ghost writing

Smart business owners get professional assistance for brochure, website, advertising and media release copy. Why not consider a helping hand with what could become some of your most effective exposure? Articles and columns are a great way to get seen, respected and approached by prospects.

Imagine seeing your name as the byline on a regular local column or an article in a major national trade publication. How many prospects could you reach with this kind of credible media exposure? Perhaps you’ve dreamed of such attention but fear you don’t have the time, the ideas or the talent to create a memorable and compelling piece. Maybe you don’t know how to pitch publications with an idea they may embrace. You don’t need to do this alone.

The process can be as simple for you as emailing us an idea with a couple of reference links. From there, you can sit back and relax as you’re provided with strategic suggestions for an appropriate angle and a column or article for you to edit at will or approve as is. Not sure what publications might be your best bet? I can help here too with recommendations and pitches to the appropriate people. I can even keep track of deadlines and handle the submission process. 

If you’ve ever considered how powerful regular exposure as a content contributor in a respected publication could be in building your business, give me a call. You might be surprised at how affordable this service can be – particularly if you’ve ever invested in advertising.

Our conversations and ghost-writing services are confidential.

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