Standing out in today’s noisy world requires doing things differently. Sure, websites, SEO, social media and cultivating a list of email addresses should be components of your marketing mix, but if you want to be memorable, give prospects and referral-agents something they can hold.

Whether you’re looking for an elaborate piece that’s die cut, embossed and/or folded in an unusual manner or a simple 3-fold that fits in a standard envelope, we can help you make a memorable impression. The words you use and the approach you take to get prospects excited about checking you out are important. I’ll help you ensure your message works.

Print’s not dead yet. People have been forecasting its demise for decades, yet its power as a marketing tool is increasing as more gravitate toward the ease and instant gratification (and instantly gone from memory) that’s come with advent of the internet. Think about this – how much do you relish a hand-written note or card that comes in the mail these days? Can you remember who sent you the last one? If you’re like most you do, and probably still have it. Can you say the same about the last dozen ecards you got?

Pieces I create for printing can also be easily and inexpensively modified to work online too. Why not give your printed brochure to special people with a backup digital document for the tire kickers?

Think about how much time and money you’ve invested in your business. Doesn’t it make sense to create a tool that helps you stand out from the crowd.

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