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Meet Nanette Levin, the Wordsmith of Roanoke.

I’ve been providing professional copy writing and marketing services for small business owners and not-for-profits for more than 25 years. It’s been a pleasure seeing so many small business owners thrive in part due to advocacy efforts many of us started before little businesses got respect. This included serving as an appointed Delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business in 1995. That was the Clinton administration for those trying to figure out the timeline.

Writing wasn’t initially in my blood. I went to college as a chemistry major. While in the process of unexpectedly completing an English major as I strove to improve pretty poor skills after high school, I came to like the craft. My first freelance assignments were for business and community newspapers while I was a student.

Today, I’m a ghost writer, editor, small business marketing expert and freelance contributor to regional business magazines. I write columns and by-lined articles for clients too. Oddly, I stumbled on an uncanny ability to capture the voice or personality of who or what I’m representing with words after a brief conversation. It’s a rare skill that sets me apart from the typical writing professional or marketing firm offering formula copy solutions.

How you say it means so much in today’s distracted society. Anyone can write – or so they think. The question is, does the message work? If you’re looking for a solution that not only sounds like you or your business personality but also compels prospects to buy what you’re saying, consider how much faster you could convert lookers to believers and buyers with the right words. I can help make this process affordable and fun.


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The Wordsmith of Roanoke

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