Creative marketing with calendars

It’s not necessary to spend a lot to have a big impact. What’s more important than your budget, or reach, or slick materials, is creating a message that people appreciate. Sometimes, just helping people take a break from the stress and challenges today’s world presents is enough. Of course, you want the message to be relevant to you, too. Why not consider tying into days others have already designated? One easy way is to get creative marketing with calendars.

No doubt, you’re aware of the major holidays that often involve vacation days. You’re probably heard about calendars that note other special days too. But, did you know July 1st is Joke Day and the 2nd is World UFO Day?

There’s a national day for just about anything you can imagine. Take June, for example. Whether you’re into exercise, food, animals, fishing, or even insurance, there’s a day for that.

Pick a day, any day

Is your company health related? June 3rd is World Bicycle Day and the 21st is International Yoga Day.

Are animals more your style? National Hug Your Cat Day (June 4th), or Ugliest Dog Day (June 20th) may be better suited for you. The month also boasts not only Take your Dog to Work Day, but Take Your Cat to Work Day too. No, they’re not on the same day, so I suppose there won’t be the added entertainment of actually seeing the metaphor “Fighting like cats and dogs” in action.

You can find creative marketing ideas from all sorts designated holiday calendar days
I’m thinking that cat you’re planning on hugging after a day of moonshine and cheese isn’t going to be very happy.

June 4th presents interesting possibilities for those who indulge, especially if you add in Hug Your Cat Day activities. It’s both National Cheese Day and National Moonshine Day. The latter’s bound to gain a lot of interest from those who hail from the Moonshine Capital of the World in Franklin County, Virginia.

I’m thinking there won’t be too many celebrating National Work from Home Day on June 11th this year. But you could reach out but probably not touch someone on the 8th for National Best Friend Day.

This one gets me giggling with the possibilities: June 18th is National Go Fishing Day. There are so many ways you could play with this one for just about any business virtual contest, promotion or game. Same with National Bingo Day on the 27th.

How about coming up with something brilliantly wacky for the seemingly serious National Insurance Awareness Day on June 28th?

There’s a month for that

If you can focus on one thing for a whole month, a task seemingly harder these days, there’s something for just about everyone in June. It’s been set aside for Candy, Country Cooking, Dairy, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Men’s Health, Soul Food, Pride, and Turkey Lovers.

If you’re looking to scan by the month, this is a good website resource.  If you have a particular date in mind and you’d like to see what it bring up, this site will do it for you.  Right – go see what your birthday says. Bet it will bring some laughs.

When you’re feeling like you can’t come up with any good ideas or there’s no good way to market today, quit that. Let someone else spur your creative genius by starting your marketing research with some unusual calendars. Of course, I’m not responsible for the time sink this causes when you start browsing. Bet you’ll have fun, though.


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