Happy New Year!

The time between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a great week to work toward getting ahead before the start of the new year. Most write this time off – with many extending it through the first week of January. Why not make this year your best ever by doing some planning while most of the rest of the of the business community is dismissing this opportunity?

It’s also a great time to get outdoors, devote time to a favorite hobby, and spend some moments merely enjoying the little things.

Pine cones on Wordsmith of Roanoke
Pine cones remind me of festive times in the winter. Here’s hoping you find a lot of images in the coming year that bring a huge smile to your face.

Personally, I’m hoping for snow. The quiet beauty a good blanket of the white stuff brings to a landscape is breathtaking. I do miss winters that allowed for ample cross country skiing, pristine ground cover, and bright nights that seem almost like daytime as the moon reflects off the snow.

Whatever weather, activities or peace you seek, I hope you find it now and for the foreseeable future.

Here’s hoping you find yourself blessed with your best year ever in 2020!



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