Creative small business marketing ideas come from surprising places

Don’t beat yourself up convinced you’re not creative. Those brilliant ideas others seem to develop from thin air are drawn from something seen elsewhere. The context of what’s repurposed may not be related to the concept it’s applied to, but you can be sure the inspiration came from another. Creative small business marketing ideas are more about paying attention and seeing connections than being original.

Take this blog as an example. Have you noticed the customized watercolor images accompanying posts? This genius idea – and the impetus behind the display format – came from a guy living in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve never met him. He’s not in the marketing, copywriting, editing, media or small business industry. He’s just a fellow who’s passionate about a hobby.

Inspiring people are all around you

Charlie O’Shields founded World Watercolor Month about four years ago. He’s a graphic designer by day, but wanted to create an environment to keep him accountable to a watercolor practice in his free time. He was also determined to help others realize the fun to be had with watercolors. The community he’s built at Doodlewash is delightful. So is Charlie.

I stumbled upon his website and the World Watercolor Month Challenge (it’s in July every year) right about the time I decided to experiment with watercolors. His blog summary page was fun and unusual. It served as a great model to mimic as I dove into rebranding to the Wordsmith of Roanoke.

Thanksgiving is the holiday most earmark for giving thanks. For me, it’s Christmas that really shines as a landmark holiday for recognizing those who have touched our lives.

Reach out to people who make you smile

Playing with watercolors inspired me to come up with more creative small business marketing ideas
This was one of my first watercolor attempts. In case you’re wondering, it’s gladiolus. It’s OK to make mistakes when you’re learning. Letting go of being perfect helps you grow.

Charlie gave me the idea for how I wanted this blog to look by example. He’s also inspired me to focus on completing at least one watercolor weekly to support blog content. I’m no where near ready to take up his daily practice, but imagine he’s a lot quicker than I am at finishing a piece. Chatting with Charlie has also been invigorating. He’s kind and real as they come.

I’m trying to emulate people like Charlie these days. Some souls are so passionate about what they do it gets them excited to simply see others discover the same joy. They extend themselves to all open to exploring the possibilities.

I’d like to extend a hearty thank you to Charlie for inspiring me in many ways this year.

I’d also like to wish all of you the opportunity to discover a way to pursue your passion more fully. While watercolor has little to do with a profession that’s fueled me for decades, it’s added an extra spark to my writing and marketing enjoyment this year. I hope it’s also put an occasional smile on your face as you read these posts. I’ll see you all next year with more creative small business marketing ideas designed to help you realize more business success.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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