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Reliable and affordable copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, marketing and media services. 

"Over the past couple of years, I've had the distinct privilege to have Nanette as a trusted part of my team. Although, she's basically done "contract" work for me, Nanette takes building my business very seriously. It's her utmost desire to position her clients in the best possible light and to get things done, not only well, but on time."
Roanoke Real Estate for Good; Lichtenstein Rowan Realtors


If you’ve been putting off hiring someone to help promote your business because you’re afraid it will cost too much, check out these introductory services that are affordable enough for any serious small business owner to test drive. Starting at $275, these introductory packages are designed to generate quick and measurable income results.

Brochure Creation

Standing out in today’s noisy world requires doing things differently. Sure, websites, SEO, social media and cultivating a list of email addresses should be components of your marketing mix, but if you want to be memorable, give prospects and referral-agents something they can hold.


Smart business owners get professional assistance for brochure, website, advertising and media release copy. Why not consider a helping hand with what could become some of your most effective exposure? Articles and columns are a great way to get seen, respected and approached by prospects. So are books

On-Call Editing

Forward emails, letters, brochures, website pages, media communications, social media posts, or other written material for a proof read and recommended copy changes to make your message more compelling. Edits are usually performed in 24 hours or less. 


Have you already written a book that needs a keen pair of professional eyes for developmental editing support? Need help getting started on a book you’ve dreamed about writing but never got done? Are you stuck somewhere in between? You’ve come to the right place.

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